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"Post-holiday skin"

As we all know, holidays can play havoc with your skin! Especially if you have to travel via plane. Airplanes can literally suck all the moisture out of your skin mostly because it's very low in humidity (no water vapour in the air).  On long-haul flights, the humidity levels can go down to 2% - research what our humidity rates are on an average day to day and you will be shocked at how low 2% is!
No wonder our skin gets so dry!

I always bring a small heavy-duty moisturiser in carry on luggage. (Along with a small eye cream, lip balm and face mist). I normally go for whatever my favorite moisturiser is at the time (normally the hydrating face cream from Bobbi Brown) but I recently got a new moisturiser, which is perfect travel size - it's the IT cosmetics - "Confidence in a cream". I gravitated towards this cream mostly because its supposed to help with your skin texture and overall radiance. It also has anti-aging qualities too so who wouldn't love that extra bonus? 

After using a few times I can confirm is a gorgeous face cream, it is a silky consistency and a little goes a long way. It really did help keep my skin hydrated throughout my long haul flight. My skin gets so incredibly dry on the plane so I wasn't sure how good of a job it would do at keeping the flakiness away but it did! I bought this in ULTA for $16 - it's only a 15ml pot as I wanted to make sure I liked it before purchasing a full size. However, you can buy the full size of this in the UK from Selfridges.


So I normally (always) get onto a plane with a full face of makeup on, I have no idea why I do it to myself but I do but of course, about 10 minutes into the flight I want to take it all off. Which I do. I used to always use face wipes but I have converted over to the Bobbi Brown Cleansing oil, again this is perfect for a plane because the sunflower oil in this will really hydrate your skin and the jasmine flower will help keep redness down - both huge pros! I just go to the toilet, use two to three pumps of this, melt the makeup down and use a damp facial tissue or cotton pad to remove it all. Normally I would use a splash of water but I wouldn't trust airplane water (YUCK) so that's the next best thing. This is such a good product for quickness, it's super fast and easy to use and makes your skin feel so smooth after cleansing. This is a good one to use on a daily basis especially post-holiday to keep your skin looking healthy and glowy!

Another holy grail would have to be the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream if you get back from holiday maybe a little bit sunburnt and sore and are at the awful stage of peeling then this is your dream product. I had really severe peeling on my forehead and nose and I literally applied some of this before I went to sleep and most of it was gone. Within one more application and my skin felt back to normal! Its amazing for the lips as well! It has got quite a strong smell that you either love or hate, I personally love it but my boyfriend hates it so I would definitely give it a whiff before purchase. 

I think my main tip for post-holiday skincare would be to keep your skin hydrated, whether that be with a mix of facial mists like my favourite - Mario Badescu Facial Spray and heavy-duty moisturisers, Or just sticking to your daily moisturiser but adding an extra treatment like the Eight Hour Cream to use at night or on especially dry areas. You could also add a Facial Oil if you feel skin is really parched. I love the No 7 youthful replenishing Facial Oil. 

Also drink lots of water - that always helps give not only your skin but your whole body that vital hydration it needs after being in a plane, then in varied weather conditions to back on a plane! It's a lot for your body to handle! 


I was sent these amazing products from Organic & Botanic a little while ago and I decided to use them daily for just over a month and tell you my full, honest review on them.

I have very dry skin so I am always striving for a good moisturiser that hydrates my skin without it being too heavy and clogging up my pores. This is a real struggle because as soon as people hear that I have dry skin they always recommend the THICKEST moisturiser they can find that supposedly "sinks into your skin and leaves your skin moisturised and hydrated" when really it makes me a greasy mess covered with congested skin and spots! Not a good look...

SO when Organic & Botanic offered to send me these products out to trial I couldn't refuse, anyone who is obsessed with skin care will understand the excitement of finding new companies and new products. I'm going to start off with my review of the Reviving Night Moisturiser.   

I just want to mention also that this is a VEGAN-friendly company which I love, I'm personally not vegan but one of my closest friends is and she finds it so incredibly hard to find products that are vegan-friendly so some of you may be in the same boat. 

Okay, so I wore this every night for 30 nights and my final review is.....

It's amazing. I genuinely think this is the best night moisturiser I've ever used which is pretty amazing considering my abundance of them! The consistency is quite thick however it's not stodgy or greasy. You only have to use a tad and it really goes a long way. I've hardly made a dent in the pot, I know this will last me a fair while! It really has revived my skin in a way, it definitely doesn't look as dull. I hate this period of time between the summer and autumn because my skin goes so weird but it's definitely helped keep it in check! 

I think this product would actually be really good for all skin types as it's hydrating and reviving without being greasy or drying! I definitely recommend. 

The next thing is the Facial Serum...  

This smells so lush. It's Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum. It's got the perfect fresh scent that you want in skincare but not overpowering. I actually use this under my foundation as a primer as it's got a kind of stickiness to it that really makes the foundation sit well on the skin. 

The packaging for these products is so pretty as well. If you follow me on Snapchat (tmaemakeup) then you probably saw me unbox these and try them out. Unfortunately, my dad threw away the boxes without realising I needed them :( but I've left a link to the website and twitter below where you can see more in-depth about the products ingredients and you can also see other reviews! 

In my opinion, I think these are great skin care products and I'll definitely be purchasing when these babies run out!! 

Thanks for reading,

Tay x 


This picture shows Volume Style 2, Natural Style 2, Natural Style 4, Glamour Style 2 and Glamour Style 1

I've been so excited to post this since I received these goodies! Nouveau sent me these beautiful lashes to review on my blog! I'm an avid lash wearer as I was cursed with short, stumpy lashes that do not grow so these were a real treat.

I wanted this review to be an accurate/honest review of the lashes so I carried out a few tests to see if they were as good as I thought they were going to be!

(*Disclaimer - I'm basing my review on one pair of lashes and not all of the six pairs they sent me. Simply because I didn't want to wear them all straight away. I will still be reviewing them as I wear them and keep you updated on twitter & snap chat and once I've worn them all I will do an updated review post on how they all turn out.)

The first pair of lashes I wore were the Volume Style 4 lashes! (I forgot to take a picture of them in the packaging because I was too excited to try them on but here is the link so you can see them yourself: Volume Style 4

This is what they looked like on:

These lashes look so incredibly natural. I think the best thing for me (someone who has very small eyes) is that they aren't heavy lashes. I always find the heavier the lashes the smaller my eyes look. Here's what my natural lashes look like so you can see the difference they have made. 

As you can see my lashes are pretty much non-existant! 


I carried out three tests:

Application Process & Glue Review 


Are they Reusable?


Now I don't wanna toot my own horn (toot toot) but I wear lashes nearly every day so I don't really find the application process difficult. I thought the best way to test them out would be to get my mum to apply them for me. Now this could be dangerous for two reasons, 1, she could glue my eye shut and 2, I could be walking around looking like a loony with the eyelash stuck halfway up my eyelid. (I put my eyes on the line for this...). Before she applied them I had to cut the eyelashes down as I have such small eyes they were a tad long for me. I then used the glue that came with the lashes as I wanted to see if it was as good as my trusted duo eyelash glue. 

Now the time had come for my mum to apply the lashes! Well, the good news is I walked out with both my eyes and my dignity still in tact. She applied them fairly quickly and with a bit of tweaking they sat perfectly on my lash line! The glue was actually really good, it got tacky really quickly which I love as I hate waiting for the glue to go tacky, such a pet peeve of mine! 

My mum said they were really easy to apply and she's a complete newbie so I think that proves that the application process isn't difficult!

I have tried lashes before that are just so rigid that they don't bend to your lash line and end up going straight across rather than round and ping up in random areas but these didn't do that! 


I wanted to make sure I could get full days wear out of them. I sometimes find with lashes that after a few hours they start to be quite annoying and irritate my eyes. They also unstick or just look a bit misshapen.

 I woke up at 8am done my makeup and they were stuck on by 9am.( I had showered, brushed my teeth, combed my hair before you think I'm dirty and jump out of bed and slap my face on! haha).I then went about my day, I did my shopping & tidied the house etc. Just everyday things. It was really hot that day which normally affects how long the lashes last. It got to about half 5 when I was like I really wanna take my makeup off. 

HOWEVER, this wasn't because of the eyelashes. The eyelashes were incredible actually, they stayed on the whole day without even coming off in the corners (If you're lash wearer you know the struggles of keeping the inner corner stuck down) they looked pretty amazing. The pictures above are actually at about 3.30ish after rushing around in the heat! This was a photo from 9am. (Insert shameless selfie)

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty sold on them after that day but still wanted to see if they were reusable!


I decided to take them off and wear them the next day, some people don't like reusing lashes so this part may not apply to you but I however do, if I'm paying £6/7 I want more than one day wear out of them! I cleaned off the lashes with micellar water just to get off any glue or makeup so they looked good as new. I actually found that they stayed on better (if possible) the next day! Maybe I was more used to them or something but they felt completely weightless, I forgot I had them on!

I would recommend these lashes to everyday lash wearers or newbies because they genuinely feel so weightless and easy to wear and apply!

Here's what they looked like on day two:

I probably sound like I'm just loving them off but I genuinely really do think they are incredible. 

The lashes retail for £6.99.

I know you can get cheaper alternatives but I don't think I've ever worn lashes that are as good as these for that price! 

I said above that I'm only basing this review on one pair of lashes but from that one pair I already know that I love the brand, I can't wait to wear and try out the rest of them! I will keep you all updated on my snapchat/twitter/insta!

If you wanna have a nose at their website or check out the lashes I'm wearing then I'll leave the link below. 

A HUGE thank you to Nouveau Lashes for sending me these gorgeous lashes, I'm honestly so in love with them! 




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